Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Happenings

What a week! Well let me just catch up...

Monday was just classes and homework.

Tuesday I had Biology and we went the Victory and Albert museum to see this Exquisite Bodies exhibit... it was really weird.  I wasn't a fan.  It was all these wax body parts and things to show the medical knowledge of the time but I thought it was just kind of gross and crude... not my fav. After I decided to go on one of these assigned walks we have to do for our culture class and I really loved it.  I just went by myself and stuck my ipod in and explored a new part of London that I hadn't been to yet! Then it was more homework and dinner followed by a good viewing of P.S. I Love You. I just had this urge to watch it considering I just bought my tickets to go to Ireland for 4 days!

Wednesday morning we got up and went on yet another walk.  It was through the theater district and we went to Covent Gardens market.  There were these yoga mats set up in the middle of the square and this amazing lady just rockin these yoga moves.  We got free foot massages and then walked around some really cute little shops.  We got these super yummy cookies from Ben's Cookies and apparently there is one at Gateway in Salt Lake, I think it is the only one in the states!  I got home and did some more homework and then headed to Primark and bought a couple shirts and super cute bag... I really don't need another bag but it was so cute and sooo cheap:) 

Thursday I had class all day followed by a nice run through my favorite park and then we went to a Fulham football game (that is soccer for all you Americans out there)!  It was so fun.  There was a big group of us because out professot got them for us.  It was so fun to watch. They are amazing and we won so that we even better!

Friday was nice too.  It was my month mark so I celebrated by going to the Park... ok I actaully went to the park to study, but it was still nice.  That afternoon we had the chance to go back to the National Gallery.  We just walked by paintings and talked about them.  It really was like having a live powerpoint presentation.  I got back to the center and studied for a bit and then took my first test! It was for my religion class and I think it went well.  We were just allowed to take the test from class and then we just had to take it whenever and slip it under our Professor's flat door when we were done.  That night we hit up the Single Adult dance and it was so fun! There were tons of people there and they all wanted to talk to us because we were the BYU girls. We already can't wait for the next one!

Saturday we went to Stratford Upon Avon.  We went to Mary Arden's Farm (where shakespeare mom lived), Anne Hathaways House (Shakespseare's wife's house), and then the house that Shakespeare was born in.  I felt all inspired after I saw everything.  He really was a literary genious.  To top it all off we went and saw the Royal Shakespeare Company "The Winters Tale." I really enjoyed it.  It has been my favorite Shakespeare that we have seen so far.

Today was just really relaxing.  I got up and went on a walk in the park and read and then I went to get ready for conference.  Because of the weirdo time difference we went to the Hyde Park Stake center at 1 and watched a rebroadcast of the Saturday afternoon session.  Then we went home and my life has never been the same haha... we seriously had the most amazing brunch ever.  Jaylyn, out professors wife, is the most amazing cook ever.  We had muffins, keish, salad, cream cheese and chocolate stuffed french toast with homemade apple syrup, scones with jam, cinnamon rolls, and baked apples with granola... seriously I have never eaten so much or such good food.  Then we watched the sunday morning session at the center and now I am just bloggin my heart out! My skype isn't working very good so I am pretty bugged because I want to talk to my family but I am going to try later tonight and hopefully it works!

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  1. Oh Lars I miss you so much woman! I am so happy to hear that you are having so much fun. You're turning into a little English lass! I love it!