Saturday, September 5, 2009

Almost a Native

Well time here is just flying by… but even though I have only been hear for like 3 days I feel like I have always been here! Seriously I know how to use the tube and I have to go shopping and and do laundry and tomorrow I get to go to church! So let me catch up on the last couple days. Thursday was general orientation for the center and we just got to know the professors. We just kind of hung around the dorms that afternoon and then we had a fireside that night.  I was so happy because after the fireside I walked downstairs and my mom and Cori were there just to hang out for a bit.  It was weird that I was missing them so much and I had only been away for like 30 hours… I think it was because I knew they were still here but I knew that they were leaving so I just wanted to hang out with them.  Friday we had orientation for classes and we got all of hour books and assignments. I am totally overwhelmed but that is always how it is. I know that once I start with everything it won’t be so bad. For my Humanities class I have to keep a blog of my academic adventures here so I might post some pictures of art and some of the papers I write!  That afternoon we had an assignment to go to the British Museum and the National Gallery.  It was so unbelievable. There were just tons of people everywhere. Shoppers, and tourists, and naked protestors, and street performers.  At the British Museum we were assigned to go to the Anglo-Saxon section of the museum and we got to see the Rosetta stone! For me this was a major milestone in my life. When I was younger I was obsessed with Egypt and if you know anything about Egypt you know about the Rosetta Stone… so if you if you don’t know anything about Egypt, the Rosetta stone is literally this big stone they found that has the same thing written 3 times in a row in 3 languages. On of them was hieroglyphics, hence they had a way to translate all the egyptian writings.  We also wen to the National Gallery and I saw some Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Monet. It was so beautiful! That night I went to dinner with Cori and my momma and then we went to Kings Cross Station and say platform 9 3/4. Oh man great stuff. Then we just talked for a while in our living room and then I had to say goodbye… I was sad… and I cried. But they were happy tears I mean I am in London. But I am going to miss my family alot alot alot. And I’m going to miss all the planning for the wedding and that is sad to.  So much sadness but like I said I am still happy.  Today me and my friend Lauren got up and went on one of the assigned walks we had to do through the city. It was where the Old City Londinium used to be a.k.a. The part of the city that was destroyed in the big fire. It was also where Cheapside was (Knights Tale anyone?). We walked right along the Thames and saw all the cool bridges. Then we just ran some errands and went  home to do some homework.  There is this girl Mandi in my room and it was her birthday so a bunch of us girls went to dinner at this fun noodle place called Wagamammas. Ha. Now it is 12:03 p.m. And I need to go to bed because I get to go to church in London tomorrow! Woo! Cherrio!

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