Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Home

It is always amazing to me how moving into a new place can feel so different.  I mean I don' t feel uncomfortable so to speak  but just out of my comfort zone a bit.  It makes me a little nervous to think about having to get to know 40 new girls but at the same I love it! I love the awkwardness and the small talk... but I think I can say I love it because I know in a few days we will all be chatting like we are best buddies... if it was always awkwardness and small talk I would go crazy.  Today we just got up and headed over to the BYU center. It is absolutely perfect.  It is along this row of these tall brick buildings with white crown molding and stairs leading up to a wrought iron gate.  I am in room 3, the biggest room in the house, I have 13 roommates! It is up 3 flights of steps but it is all worth it because I have fun girls in my room, a big window overlooking the street, a desk, and a really cool white plaster molding ceiling which I have a good view of from my top bunk.  After I got moved in me and Cori and my mamma went and saw Lion King.  Oh man and was it fabulous! The costumes and the stage are what amazed me the most. I can't believe how talented some people are!  After the show we kind of split our separate ways and I headed to my home and they headed somewhere... I was was sitting on the tube when I said bye and as a passed by my mom and Cori I got kind of sad. I don't know why though because I'm going to see them on friday again.  Tomorrow should be fun, we have out little orientation and I am excited to meet some more people! Cherrio!

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