Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sundays and Roadtrips

Well life is absolutely crazy! Seriously I don't have time to go to the bathroom let alone keep up with school, keep up my journaling, make friends, and enjoy London haha! But it is all great.  Sunday was really fun.  We got our ward assignments and me and 3 other girls were assigned to go to the Wandsworth stake in the Clapham Commons ward.  We have to travel by tube and then by train every week so it takes us about an hour to get there every time. The second I got off of the train I knew I was going to love it.  It is just this small brick train station and right when you walk out of the gates there is this beautiful park.  Just these huge patches of grass and benches and trees everywhere. I wish we lived closer so we could just sit in it. Right when we walked in everyone just started hugging us and loving us. All of them are black and most of them are real brits but a couple of them are here from Africa.  I was so excited because we had this fireside talking about how much the people here need us because they are all converts to the church.  They literally think of us as experts in the church which is kind of an intimidation thought. The bishop wanted to meet with us before church started and gave us out callings. Because I could play the piano I was put in primary.  I'm not gonna lie I was a little disappointed at first.  I really wanted to get into like the young women's or Relief Society so I could get to know the people in the ward but when I got into primary I knew they really needed me.  It was fast Sunday so the bishop asked all of us to bare our testimonies and it was great.  The people hear are just amazing. They had just reorganized the primary presidency and it was a mad house.  Me and another girl from BYU, Mandi Allen, were assigned to be the senior primary teacher and I was assigned to be the primary pianist.  It was so fun. There primary is pretty small they have about 9 kids. The kids were so cute. They all have these little British accents and they are so smart! It was pretty funny though... so we were doing this scripture chase and the scripture was in 3 Nephi and we were all getting to it and the little boy, Zach, sitting next to me said "3 Nephi, I don't have that guy." So I'm excited about church and I can't wait to see how I can help the ward! Monday was the first day of Classes and I was already behind on my reading. But my classes seem really great so I am excited. I'm taking English 300, World Religions, Humanities, Culture, and Biology. The rest of monday was just chill and doing homework and then tuesday I had Biology and it is scheduled for a 4 hour block... but no worries because it is that long because we go on field trips to museums for 3 of the 4 hours. In the mornings I get up and go running in Kensington Gardens and I LOVE it, not so much the running part but I love the park.  It is just big and green and trees and ponds and the peter pan statue and a palace... seriously it is great.  I cannot wait until fall.  Wednesday was a first day trip.  We got on the bus and headed to Dover first.  We drove to along the white  cliffs and ended up on the top of this precipice and there was the Dover Castle.  We just walked around and took a bunch of pictures. We walked all the way to the tippy top of the castle and we could see France across the channel. Then we stopped at the beach just to do some gazing:)  They don’t have sand here just a bunch of rocks which I kind of like because then you don’t get sandy. Then we headed to Canterbury to pay our respects to St. Thomas Becket. It was probably my favorite cathedral that I have seen in Europe. (If you want to hear some more of my thoughts on it I posted them on my Humanities Blog, Lauraslondonblog.  We headed home and went and got some dinner and then we walked down this road by our house called Queensway and got some cookies and chocolate two of the best treats in London.  Today I literally had class all day (minus the 3 hour break where I fell asleep for the whole time) and then we ate dinner and then walked down Queensway again and then I talked to my papa on skype (thank goodness for skype or I would be homesick) and now I am blogging and getting ready to go to bed! London is great great great.  I can’t believe I have only been here for a week and a day… there is still so much to do so good thing I’m here for a lot longer! 

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